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Executive Director Dennis Harrington
Administrative Assistant

Mandy Stinson

Transportation Coordinator Tammy Mondor
Program Coordinator Nancy Peck
Development Coordinator Liz Wall
Social Program Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator Patti Farr
Para Transit Care Coach Driver Colin Borshevsky




Dare to Care Campaign 2016

Keep the Wheels Turning – Goal - $30,000.

Our Fourth Annual ‘Keep the Wheels Turning yellow Envelope Mail-Out Campaign’ commenced in May with Yellow Envelopes to be mailed out by June 13th – all in support of our Para Transit Care Coach the only transportation of its kind serving Arnprior and the Township of McNab/Braeside.

 Our goal $30,000. Local artist Bonnie Giles fills in one tire (each represents $7500.00) and we are happy to announce that a total of $7500 was received in the form of both sponsorships of the Care Coach and donations from residents. Thank you to everyone who has made their donation and to Care Coach Sponsors: Reid Bros, Rona, Canadian Tire, Clancy’s Drug Store, Island View, jack & Faith’s No Frills, Sandvik, W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd. and Arnprior Rotary Club. Donations can be made in person at 106 McGonigal St. West, Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.  Accepting cash, cheque, Debit and Visa.  Or by calling 613-623-7981.   Photo by Liz Wall, Development Coordinator



Seniors at Home Services Brochure


‘Community Partners’ Honoured

The very special ladies of Mel’s House of Flowers, (left) Renee Bockholdt, Tracey Climo and Terry Miller, were honoured for their many years of ‘Community Partnership’ with ABMSH during the Agency’s Volunteer Appreciation Dinner held Saturday, April 30th.  Earlier in the night Dennis Harrington, Executive Director, thanked the ladies while presenting a ‘Paul Perreault’ painting in appreciation.  Nancy Peck, Program Coordinator/In-Town Driver poses with the ladies under the umbrella of which every volunteer received as a thank you for helping out under ‘the umbrella of programs’ provided by ABMSH. 

We are also very pleased to have welcomed and thanked the large group of new volunteers to the Agency for the 2015-2016 year. Volunteers under the Umbrella of ABMSH: Kerri Brown, Grocery Shopping, Sylvia Lord, Special Events, Edie Cathcart, Special events, Richard Hall, MOW Driver,  Judy Hill, Front reception/Special events, Murray Hughes, Board of Directors, Norma Langevin, Special Events, David Moore, Board of Directors, Barbara Lynds, Front Reception, Janet Michelson, Special Events/Meals On Wheels Driver, Jill Sheffield, Front Reception, Sharon Sewter, Board of Directors, Lynn Bowie, Front Reception, Stephen Dodd, Development Committee/Special Events, Sherryl Fitzpatrick, Musician, Randy Foster, Musician, Donna O’Grady, Special Events, Andrew Smith, Special Events and Nancy Strong, Foot clinic Reception/Income Tax/Special Events.


Photo by Liz Wall, Development Coordinator

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